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Security Assessments | Security Consulting

Security Assessments

If you need to find and fix security vulnerabilities in your application, you want a vulnerability assessment.

Security Consulting

Using an adversary-centric mindset, we provide expertise advice about securing or compromising assets. We’ve served numerous industries.

Secure Design Analysis

Design-level flaws are when your system is vulnerable even when it behaves exactly as intended. A design assessment helps you identify and fix those crucial design flaws.

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Research is in our blood.
We contribute meaningful security research to

ISE was formed out of an academic team conducting security research, and was first or amongst a small group of pioneers to find exploits in critical systems, including:

Medical Devices

IoT Devices



Password Managers


What to expect from our process


Beyond penetration testing; better than relying blindly on scans. We infuse the type of problem solving that can only be delivered by humans, working manually.


We collaborate closely with you to determine the most effective fixes, and the best plan for implementing them. As a result, you’ll know exactly what to do, and exactly when to do it.


Security is not a linear process, but rather a never-ending loop. We transfer knowledge, teach your developers, equip your marketing team, and ensure you understand.


Where are you vulnerable & what do you do about it?

We find your exploitable vulnerabilities. We help you triage, and remediate them.


How do you prove that your technology is secure?

Our objective, independent reports help you prove it.


How do you differentiate from your competitors?

We help you do security right, give assurance to your customers, so you gain an advantage over your competitors.

Let's Talk Security

Whether you need testing, consulting, or simply some advice: we're here to help.

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