Application Security Assessments Services

You are responsible for building a secure application. And you've got problems:

What single issue lies at the heart of all of these problems?

Security vulnerabilities.

Application Security Basics and Best Practices

Why do automotive manufacturers crash test cars?

Because they want to find the flaws in the lab. So they can fix them. So you don't pay the price out on the road. So that in the event of an incident, you're more likely to survive it.

That's what an application security assessment is like. It's an effort to find your security vulnerabilities in the lab, rather than letting the bad guy find and exploit them out in the wild. Whether you are still building, or your product has been in the market for years, your security model depends on doing this right.

But to do it right, you need to do more than run a few tools or check off some boxes on a checklist. You need to find the vulnerabilities that no one knows about yet. You need to go beyond commodity penetration testing.

Tools Alone Don't Cut It

Commodity Services Don't Cut It

Compliance Doesn't Cut It

Scanning Doesn't Cut It

Avoiding It Doesn't Cut It

Faking It Doesn't Cut It

You can't scan your way to excellence, you need to work with a team of experts.

You need to:

  1. Define your goal
  2. Build your threat model
  3. Run automated scanners to find the easy stuff
  4. Investigate for known vulnerabilities
  5. Investigate for unknown vulnerabilities
  6. Daisychain vulnerabilities together
  7. Fix your security vulnerabilities
  8. Reassess regularly

“ISE is dedicated to ensuring security”

Web and Mobile App Security Testing

Unfortunately, many companies look for best practices, and rely blindly on them. Companies become complacent and think that since they haven’t been hacked yet, they won’t be hacked tomorrow.

That is wrong.

Make no doubt about it: you are up against potent, dedicated, relentless adversaries. Attackers push your app to its limits. They find vulnerabilities that never come up in a tool based scan or commodity security assessment.

Whether the good guys find them and fix them, or the bad guys find them and exploit them, your security vulnerabilities exist!

Who would you rather find them first?

You. Not them.

Application security assessments often reveal ugly truths. By definition, the service exists to find your mistakes. That’s ok! Finding mistakes is great; ignoring them is terrible.

Depending on your goal, there are many different types of security assessments to help you get there:

Vulnerability Assessment

Security Code Assessment


Protocol Analysis

Penetration Testing


Security Documentation Review

Need to assess your own product vendors? Need an application security assessment when it isn't your own product? We can help with that too:

  • Black-box security assessment
  • Cloud deployment & configuration assessments
  • Reverse engineering
  • Digital rights management analysis
  • Malware analysis

Need other kinds of security guidance, such as with your network, program building, or development? We've got you covered:

  • Network vulnerability assessments
  • Network penetration testing
  • Virtual Chief information Security Officer (vCISO)
  • Secure software development
  • Security Program Building
  • Design guidance
  • Vendor Security / vendor management

Proven Security Experts

You need to understand how attackers think. How they operate. How they’ll break your system.

We know how you feel.

From newly funded startups to Fortune 10 enterprises, we’ve helped companies of many varieties overcome these same security challenges. We’ve published security research on solutions across a range of systems, including cars, phones, IoT, password managers, medical devices, blockchain, AI, AR, and more. You need a partner who can help you find and fix your vulnerabilities. Who can help you get better.

You’re in the right place.

Let's Talk Security

Whether you need testing, consulting, or simply some advice: we're here to help.