Cyber Security Assessment and Consulting

You're not sure. You don't know what you don't know.

You're not a security expert, but you need one to vet your security decisions and make sure they’re sound. You need to create order out of chaos.

If you don’t, the security concerns remain unsolved, the project takes longer, costs more, and potentially leads to rework later.

Through security consulting, we help you resolve all of this.

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ISE's Consulting Method

We work to understand your problem and help you solve it. Here’s how:

  • Analyze the problem. We examine it methodically and help you define it to ensure you get the results you seek.
  • Ask probing questions. Through in-depth interviewing, we seek to understand. We dig deep, seek to uncover information, and reject assumptions.
  • Deliver outcomes. At the end, you get guidance on what to do next, critical feedback, and deliverables in order to help you resolve your challenges.
  • Transfer knowledge. Through close collaboration, we ensure that what we know about the problem, you know, too.

As a result, you achieve clarity on how to solve the security problem.

Our Security Consulting Services

vCISO Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (“vCISO”) is a fractional use of a strategic technical leader that helps with processes, policies, strategy, as well as low level technical implementation. You need the combination of technical and strategic insights that you’d get from a full time Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), but you only want to pay for the fractional use of their expertise.
Embedded Consultant An embedded consultant is a security domain expert who works out of your office as part of your team in pursuit of your security goal. You need on-demand, in-person security expertise, from someone who can integrate into your team and be the security advocate.
Design Consulting Guidance on how to build security into your system architecture from the onset. You’re building a new product but haven’t released it yet. You want to make sure the design is secure, and avoid painful regression later if you missed something crucial.
Development Consulting Guidance on the ongoing development process, and how to develop more securely. You’ve already built the core product but are about to deploy a new feature. Save time, effort, and money throughout that iterative development process

Why You Should Hire Security Consultants

You’re not a security expert, but you need security expertise. To obtain that, security consulting delivers you many benefits, including:

  • Consultants save you time and money. Hire a consultant for 10% of the cost of a single person, as compared to the three to five people’s worth of skills you’d need to hire to replicate us.
  • We are on demand. Get what you need, when you need it.
  • Offload effort. We handle what you need done, but lack the people or right skills to do it.
  • Offload overhead. No taxes, no benefits.
  • Get an objective view. We’ll tell you how it is, even when it’s not what you want to hear. Someone at your company might be biased by internal politics or other factors. We didn’t write your code, so we aren’t blinded by any emotional attachment to it.
  • Diversity of ideas. We bring insights from other industries that tackle similar problems in different ways. We bring subject matter specialization, different viewpoints, and different ways of thinking.
  • Specialized experience. You're hiring us to tap into experience that your company doesn't have, and probably doesn't need to have fully staffed. This requires a highly specialized skill set, which is in extreme shortage, and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future.
  • Eliminate turnover risk. When your people leave, you have to backfill and absorb the pain of that. By contrast, a consulting company retains its knowledge. Therefore, if a consultant leaves ISE, you don’t feel any disruptions, since our full consulting team is there for you.
  • Independence. We deliver credibility in the eyes of your customers.

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“ISE is dedicated to ensuring security”


Since 2005, we’ve published research on hacking everything from cars to medical devices to password managers to cryptocurrency wallets to IoT devices. We were the first to hack the iPhone and first to hack Android OS. ← We know how attackers think, operate, and break systems; this expertise is woven into every consulting engagement.


Some of the largest technology companies in the world lean on us as security experts, including Apple, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Disney, Netflix, Qualcomm, and more. ← You should too.


You’ll find us all over the major security research conferences in the world, from DEF CON to Black Hat to RSA. Whether we’re there as speakers, organizers of IoT Village, or simply attendees, we work our butts off to relentlessly study the attacker and get better. ← You instantly capture this never ending progress.

Proven Security Experts

You need to understand how attackers think. How they operate. How they’ll break your system.

We know how you feel.

From newly funded startups to Fortune 10 enterprises, we’ve helped companies of many varieties overcome these same security challenges. We’ve published security research on solutions across a range of systems, including cars, phones, IoT, password managers, medical devices, blockchain, AI, AR, and more. You need a partner who can help you find and fix your vulnerabilities. Who can help you get better.

You’re in the right place.

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