Network Penetration Testing

You have a company to run.

You have sensitive information to protect. Your systems need to be available, and every moment offline keeps you from doing business. You have many users, spread across many locations, needing to access many systems.

Your risk is significant. You’re not even quite sure how big your risk is, but you know you need to reduce it.

You’ve seen other companies - including some with more money, resources, and in-house security talent than you have - wind up in the headlines from poor network security. You don't want to be next.

You just want your network to be secure.

Protect Your IT Infrastructure

Most companies address their network security issues through a combination of policies and automated tools.

But that just isn’t enough. You can’t scan your way to security excellence.

We understand this, and have built our processes to ensure you can achieve the outcomes you seek. Here is the process you can expect when working with us:

  1. Design review. We review your documentation in order to understand design level considerations, to understand your network architecture, and the business around it.
  2. Assess access controls. We inspect your access controls and look for poor assumptions you may have made about network segmentation. We verify if there are sufficient levels of defense against attacks.
  3. Perform testing. We seek to verify flaws we uncovered during design review.
  4. Escalate attacks. Once we have a foothold in the network, we seek to expand their reach and impact.
  5. Submit report. Our deliverable is a highly polished report, complete with severity ratings for all vulnerabilities discovered and recommended mitigations to solve them.
  6. Review report. It’s all meaningless if you can’t take action on it, so we meet with you to make sure you understand the issues and have an effective plan to address them.
  7. Verify mitigations. Once you’ve implemented the fixes, we come back to verify that they were implemented properly, solve the problems, and do not introduce new vulnerabilities.
  8. Do it all again. Security is not a linear process; it’s a loop. You must revisit it again and again. We work with you over time to ensure your security objectives are continually pursued, even as your business and technologies change.

“ISE is dedicated to ensuring security”

Why ISE for Infrastructure Security Threats

Why would you want to work with an expert in application security to help you improve your business’s network security?

Because applications are everywhere.
Because applications are the soft underbelly.
Because attackers exploit apps and pivot to your network from there.

It doesn't matter how well your IT is configured when an attacker can drop into a root shell and gain super admin access to your network, due to vulnerabilities that exist in the applications/software running on your IT environment.

You need someone who knows how to think like the attackers think. Someone who can find your vulnerabilities and can help you fix them.

You need someone who can translate the complexities of your network security into something digestible and into actions.

Our clients say that our work product is of the utmost quality. The feedback we’ve received is that the reports are very helpful, very thorough, very polished, and very detailed. Our clients love that the reports are accessible to the non-technical members of a team, while maintaining usefulness for the technical people.

You’ll want to read the reports. You’ll want to share them. You’ll want to show them off to your clients. They’ll give your business credibility.

If this sounds like it’s what you need, then fill out this form. We’ll discuss if we can help you. If so, we’ll show you how. If not, we’ll introduce you to someone who can.

That’s what good security consultants do. We help you solve your problems.

Proven Security Experts

You need to understand how attackers think. How they operate. How they’ll break your system.

We know how you feel.

From newly funded startups to Fortune 10 enterprises, we’ve helped companies of many varieties overcome these same security challenges. We’ve published security research on solutions across a range of systems, including cars, phones, IoT, password managers, medical devices, blockchain, AI, AR, and more. You need a partner who can help you find and fix your vulnerabilities. Who can help you get better.

You’re in the right place.

Let's Talk Security

Whether you need testing, consulting, or simply some advice: we're here to help.