IT Consulting Services

Information technology planning and implementation with
cybersecurity in mind.

To keep pace in today’s fast-moving IT landscape, successful businesses rely on the expertise of consultants who can road map the best technology investments to overcome challenges, innovate, and accelerate company vision. At ISE, our methodology helps build better information technology solutions that not only improve business performance but stand sentinel against the ever-advancing adversaries to cybersecurity.

Does My Business Need IT Consulting Services?

If you are like some of our best clients, the following scenarios may feel familiar:

IT staff is overworked and doesn’t have the bandwidth to take a new project.
No internal IT team at your operation and need a specialist to execute IT projects.
Transitioning MSPs and no internal specialist to project manage.
Internal IT talent is more generalist-minded or is in the process of being hired.
MSP provider that lacks the expertise to optimally secure my IT infrastructure.

ISE’s IT consulting services enable small and medium-sized businesses to accelerate business goals by scaling resources. Our team is an extension of your own, helping to guide your enterprise through projects including net new IT infrastructure deployments, cloud migrations, or optimization and security enhancements for AWS and other cloud environments.

Do I Need IT Consulting Services if I’m Using a Managed Service Provider (MSP)?

It depends. If you have knowledgeable IT staff on-premises then perhaps not. But for businesses without dedicated IT personnel, or with in-house teams lacking the bandwidth, engaging with an IT consultant is vital to a successful, secure, and timely deployment.

Whether you are building a system from scratch, transitioning between MSP providers, or migrating to a cloud infrastructure, it’s important to have an experienced consultant on the project with a strong background in IT architecture as well as cybersecurity to get the most ROI from your IT investment.

Keep in mind that the majority of MSPs typically lack the specialist expertise for developing systems that will protect against the most sophisticated adversarial exploits. The security analysts at ISE help ensure that your IT environment is built with security in mind, to mitigate risk from internal and external teams, vendors, and adversaries.

We Place Cybersecurity at the Forefront of Developing Transformative IT Solutions

The unfortunate reality of today’s technology landscape is that security vulnerabilities exist, and if an attacker finds them before you do, those vulnerabilities will be exploited.

At ISE, we deliver IT consulting services with cybersecurity in mind to build a stronger system infrastructure that mitigates risk and remediates vulnerabilities before they get exploited. Our analysts deliver collaborative results that make companies measurably better by building better security systems across every level of your organization.

Methodology for IT Consulting Services

Your business is as unique as the IT assets that help you innovate and accelerate your vision. Our methodology understands that not all assets, real-world adversaries, or systems should be treated the same. We begin by identifying the goals of your IT system within the unique way in which you operate and then provide recommendations to fortify your designs, processes, and systems.


Identify goals and high-impact initiatives that deliver future business growth.


Architect the infrastructure that innovates and accelerates business goals.


Develop the operational efficiencies that maintain, monitor, and secure your IT system.


Ensure compliance requirements are met today and in the future.

IT Consultant Offerings

IT Infrastructure

Whether you are doing net new or looking to optimize an IT environment that was developed gradually over time, our team of consultants can evaluate and implement the best infrastructure for your business.

Our experience includes, but is not limited to:

  • Switches/Routers
  • Firewalls
  • Site to Site VPNs
  • SAN appliances
  • Load Balancers
  • Servers (Windows, Linux)
  • Misc Network Appliances (environmental monitor, KVM, NVR/DVR, UPS, etc.)
  • Azure Active Directory

IT Consultant Offerings

Our team of experts can help you design an IT strategy that creates transparency and collaboration across your organization, while at the same time securing your IT assets from malicious threats.

Our team is experience in:

  • Threat models
  • Security roles/responsibilities
  • Internal risk analysis policy
  • Network topology
  • Network modeling
  • Change control policies
  • Data encryption policy
  • Infrastructure recovery

Cloud Initiatives (AWS and Digital Ocean)

Moving to the cloud can reduce IT capital and expenditures. Our IT consulting services can help recommend and implement cloud services that meet your business objectives.

Our experiences include:

  • Security Groups / Firewall Rules
  • Client to Cloud VPN
  • Load Balancers
  • Cloud VMs/EC2 Instances (Windows, Linux)
  • S3/EBS Storage

SaaS Solutions

Our consultants are experts at setting up, implementing, and optimizing SaaS solutions to seamlessly and easily provide business operations with the tools needed to work efficiently.

Our experience with SaaS solutions includes:

  • O365
  • Keeper
  • Google Workspace (G Suite)


Transferring data to private or public cloud servers can help reduce costs and build redundancies in your organization. Trust our consultants to help you develop the strategy that is right for your business, including having optimal cloud security in place.

Our team's vast experience includes migrations for:

  • On-prem to (new) on-prem servers, firewalls, switches, routers, appliances, etc.
  • On-prem to cloud
  • One SaaS solution to another SaaS solution

Benefits of IT Consulting Services

When partnering with an IT consultant, your business receives access to the specialized talent and expertise that can elevate your IT strategy. The team at ISE can help guide you through best practices and winning processes, as well as how to fortify your IT investment against internal and external threats while finding and resolving vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.

Specialized Expertise

Our consultants are specialists in IT services. This helps your business scale if your in-house team is more generalist or is lacking the bandwidth to take on your project.

Time to Implement

Our consultants help your operation get your project in motion quickly, reducing the time it takes to develop, implement, and optimize your IT system.

Cost Savings

Our specialists can help your business complete your project using fewer resources than might be required if done completely in-house. Additionally, our extensive experience can identify areas that can maximize the ROI on your IT investment

Fortified Security

ISE’s team is first and foremost security analysts. Therefore, assessing and mitigating security risks is in our blood. IT systems can pose a tremendous amount of risk to vulnerabilities and attacks. Our methodology incorporates processes and protocols that build security into your IT infrastructure instead of trying to secure it after the fact.

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