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But maybe you aren't exactly sure what penetration testing is or how it's different from other services you've heard about.

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What Is Penetration Testing?

Penetration testing is a simulated attack exercise. It has a singular goal: prove whether or not a defense can withstand a specific attack. It produces a single outcome: a Yes or No answer. Yes they got in or No they did not get in. Either answer informs you.

Penetration testing is intended for very mature systems. The system in question also must have already been thoroughly tested. If not, a penetration test won’t deliver value.

The goal is to figure out if experts can break into your system, despite the defenses. It doesn’t matter how. It doesn’t matter how bad the weaknesses are. All that matters is whether they did or didn’t.

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What Is ISE’s Penetration Testing Process?

Our method for performing a penetration test is as follows:

  • Simulate an attack to identify any weak spots in your system’s defense that attackers could take advantage of
  • Notify you when we successfully compromise a target, so you gain valuable information on how to improve your security measures
  • Test if your system is exploitable with any known vulnerabilities
  • Target your human security issues, such as insecure passwords and password reuse
  • Target a specific asset you have in mind or a specific objective you want tested
  • Test your company’s external facing technology, such as website or external network servers
  • Uncover any misconfiguration of infrastructure
  • Look for unpatched vulnerabilities
  • Test your company’s internal defenses

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