Vulnerability Assessment Services

You have security vulnerabilities.

Whether you find them and fix them, or your attacker finds them and exploits them - they exist.

There’s just one problem: you don’t know where they are. You don’t know how severe they are. Until you fix them, you’re taking on a level of risk that you can’t even measure.

This leaves you unclear about your risk, unable to fix things until you find them, and powerless to prove to customers that your system is secure. A vulnerability assessment helps you find security vulnerabilities, so you can fix them, reduce risk, and prove your security to others.

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What Is a Vulnerability Assessment?

The value of the testing lies in the heavy manual effort and custom exploit development.

At ISE, vulnerability assessments follow a proven methodology:

  • Define goals and objectives
  • Establish threat model
  • Learn the system, and the business around it
  • Run automated scan tools
  • Look for known vulnerabilities
  • Perform manual assessment
  • Abuse system functionality for malicious results
  • Daisychain vulnerabilities
  • Find unknown vulnerabilities and develop custom exploits
  • Report the findings back to you
  • Work with you to implement and verify mitigations

What makes a Vulnerability Assessment by ISE effective?

Commodity approaches to security often rely solely on tool automation. These are cheap and quick, but barely scratch the surface. Many don’t even consider how the system works at all, because they don’t need to. Most look only for known vulnerabilities.

That’s where commodity approaches to security stop. Yet, the more important vulnerabilities are never found at this basic level of effort.

You must go past the basics to find your most important vulnerabilities.

The 0-days, the custom exploits, and the unknown unknowns all require a higher level of effort and expertise. They require intuition, manual investigation, and an attacker mindset.

If you have important assets to protect, this is the level you want. Our customers all are in that category, and see great value in thorough, manual, vulnerability assessment.

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Vulnerability Assessments: Why You Need a Consultative Approach, Not A Tool-Based Approach

Tools are useful.
Tools should be part of your strategy.
Tools should not be your entire strategy.

Product-based security typically doesn’t customize the testing to your goals and objectives. The tool is simply set up and run.

However, no tool is ever going to be able to abuse functionality. It will never be able to develop custom exploits. It will never replace the value of a proper assessment performed by a human.

Tools sometimes deliver confusing results, such as false positives and inappropriate severity ratings, without equipping you with actionable insight. Instead, you need human intelligence. You need to establish a threat model. You need to view your system the way a real attacker would.

With ISE, you get human experts. We are hackers. We are security researchers. We’ve assessed hundreds of systems and discovered thousands of vulnerabilities. (Check out our research here.)

By having real humans hack your system, you find out the real issues that you need to worry about. In the real world, you’re defending against intelligent, motivated, problem-solving humans - not just scans. Defend accordingly.

We help you go beyond the basics.

We abuse functionality.
Daisychain vulnerabilities.
Find the unknown unknowns.

We do all of those things, and make it easy for you. Our clients love how flexible we are. As their needs change, we adapt right along with them.

We help you take the findings and do something with it. We help you fix the many problems you are certain to find in this rigorous, consultative approach.

If this resonates with you, contact us today so we can start to help you.

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Types of Vulnerability Assessments

Vulnerability assessments help you across a variety of technology domains. At the core, they all link back to your application security in one way or another.

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