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Work-life balance


Flexible Schedule

Flexible Schedule: Family, travel, time zones and lifestyles; high trust allows team members to work on a schedule that meets the collective need.


Unlimited Vacation

We don’t waste time tracking vacation hours. Our employees take the time they need as they need it and enjoy unlimited paid vacation from day one!

Location Flexibility

Company Culture


Having a space to connect with coworkers is a priority at ISE, especially in the new normal of remote work. We plan in-person events once every quarter, including goal-setting retreats, happy hours, pool parties, and picnics. We cover travel and accommodation for our employees who live far from the corporate office. We even have a house within walking distance of the office where our employees can stay.

In between planned in-person activities, we connect virtually, and not just for serious work discussions. A few times a week during lunch time, our employees have a chance to host what we refer to as a “Fire Talk.” These are fun, entertaining, and passionate presentations about anything from work-related to non-work-related topics. We also host virtual game nights and happy hours.

The Vibe

favorite Values

Our team members embody our core values: quality, integrity, dedication, and education.

menu_book Activism

Team members do meaningful research, write papers, and give talks at conferences. Everyone is welcome to contribute to the IoT Village, and promote their security research!

public Work That Matters

Our clients are titans of global industry to nascent startups, solving important problems in their communities. We take pride in helping them pursue their mission.

star Meritocracy

No matter the role or tenure, we recognize hard work, give team members the tools needed to be successful, and reward initiative. We focus on results, not egos.

extension Problem Solving

We are energized by solving difficult problems. This attitude is woven into every project we pursue and person we hire. Those who embrace challenges thrive here.

school Education

Team members are all life-long learners, we provide opportunities for training, stock our company library, and foster a workplace that encourages peers teaching each other.

diversity_2 Inclusion

We believe in attracting and retaining the best talent, from all backgrounds. Unique perspectives across a multicultural employee pool is what makes ISE a leader in the industry.

diversity_3 Collaboration

Our employees are drawn to a place where they can work with bright people who motivate each other to perform to the best of their ability. Everyone looks out for each other.

Benefits At-A-Glance



  • Fully paid employer Health, Dental, and Vision plans
  • HSA with $1,200 employer contribution

Bonus Opportunities

  • Employee referral bonus
  • Sales lead generation bonus
  • Biannual revenue-based bonuses

Employee Wellness

  • Mental health coverage
  • Stocked kitchen and weekly lunches at the office
  • ISE Run Club

Parental Leave

  • Fully paid maternity leave
  • Paid non-birthing parent and adoption leave
  • Flexible return


  • 401K with employer match
  • Home office equipment budget
  • Employer paid relocation
  • Life Insurance, short term disability, financial advice, and more

Conferences/IoT Village

  • Opportunities to research, publish, and speak at major security conferences
  • Help run the IoT Village at DEFCON, BSides, RSA and more
  • Speaker assistance program to travel for talks

Team Member Quotes


"The opportunity to not only come up with, but implement, ideas or solutions is so refreshing at ISE."

-JC, Project Manager

"The office has a fun, relaxing atmosphere with a diverse group of people who enjoy their work and make fitting in effortless."

-JM, Principal Security Analyst

"At ISE, I've seen how respectful the team is of everyone's time and energy. There is open communication, which allows for easier progress and team building."

-VA, Associate Developer II

"My mentors here at ISE have taken a great amount of time and care to teach me. I truly believe that this place will let me challenge myself and allow me to achieve the best that I can be."

-CX, Associate Developer I

"I am growing and learning from others who are always eager to help, which is all I could ask for in a job."

-MC, Associate Developer II

"The culture of work/life balance and flexibility at ISE is unparalleled to any other company I have experienced in my professional career. Everyone supports each other in making sure their health, both physical and mental, is the best it can be."

-CS, Senior Talent Specialist

Building a Better Community


We value different viewpoints and fresh perspectives. We embrace people who challenge our thinking and question the status quo. We are opposed to narrow minded, exclusionary, and discriminatory viewpoints or practices that inherently undermine our creative process, hinder growth, and impede innovation.​

Awards and Recognition


Acknowledging hard work and quality is important to us. Every week team members nominate someone that went above and beyond that week and someone wins “Lunch Kudos” from their favorite restaurant. Every quarter one team member wins the “Peer Award” as selected by the whole company. And leadership selects two ICEY winners (The ISE Center of Excellence Award) to recognize the team members who have best personified our core values that quarter.

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