Vulnerability Scanning

You need to find system vulnerabilities, but don't have much time to do it. You don’t want it to be difficult. You need to do it frequently, so you’re concerned about keeping the cost manageable. You also may not know what type of problems or cyber attacks could arise from potential vulnerabilities.

If this sounds like your dilemma, then you need a vulnerability scan.

However, if you need something more thorough, such as finding critical and unknown vulnerabilities, you need a manual vulnerability assessment.)

Mitigate External and Internal Vulnerabilities

Vulnerability scanning is an automated process in which you seek common, known vulnerabilities.

Think of it like going through a metal detector at the airport: it’s not super thorough or invasive, but definitely catches known issues, such as bulky metal weapons. However, it’s pretty basic and won’t protect against mildly sophisticated attempts to get weapons in. It’s quick, easy, and addresses the simple stuff pretty well.

That’s what vulnerability scanning is like. Great for the basics, but not a substitute for searching for the important stuff.

Vulnerability scanning is great when you need to:

  • Find common vulnerabilities
  • Find unpatched vulnerabilities
  • Gather information for use in broader security assessment
  • Keep timelines, effort, and/or cost to an absolute minimum (with the understanding that these tradeoffs also limit the output value)

Vulnerability Testing and Assessment Process

Our process for a vulnerability scan includes the following:

  1. Set up. You give us the URL and credentials. We verify the scan works properly. If not, we work with you to get it working properly.
  2. Review the results. We remove false positives. We manually verify issues.
  3. Clean up the results. We manually adjust severity ratings if they are not appropriate, because machines sometimes assign ratings that are too low or too high. Either case will provide incorrect information on what needs to be done. We adjust the ratings so you can take the right action.
  4. Prepare a report. We input the sanitized results into a digestible report format that makes it easy for you to understand and take action.
  5. Make generalized recommendations. A configuration assessment is just that: an assessment of the configuration. So these will not be as in depth as what you’d get from a secure design analysis (more on that below), as that looks at a deeper level of how the application is deployed in the cloud. But the recommendations we make will be far better than the output of the tool alone.
  6. Review report and results with you. We advise you on what to do next. You will walk away with clarity and an action plan.

When You Need Vulnerability Scanning Services, ISE Makes Your Life Easier

Why hire ISE for a vulnerability scan, when it’s possible to run a free scanner on your own?

Because you want this process to be easy, done right, and help you take action.

Vulnerability scanning services with ISE are:

  • Easy. We set it up for you. We troubleshoot. We sort out the rubbish data. We put it together in a way you can understand. Scanner companies are notoriously hard to work with. But we’re not a scanner company; we’re consultants who run a scanner when that’s what you need.
  • Right. You can rest easy knowing that it will be done right. Scanner companies just click a button and give you a report. Our elite security analysts run our sophisticated scanning tools. Having a skilled security analyst behind the tool means it will run better. We’ve helped hundreds of companies find and fix tens of thousands of vulnerabilities. We know what we’re doing, and what you need. Don’t stress, we have your back.
  • Actionable. We comb the results for you to remove false positives, make sure you understand. We give you better reports, better severity ratings, better advice. We make it easier for you to take action on the investment. You will get better!

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