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At the core of every system is the human element. Born from research, ISE training helps address this critical component of the defense paradigm, by educating attendees on how to consider and defend against modern adversaries.

ISE training comes in a variety of formats:

  • Private classroom training. Instructor-led, delivered at ISE, or at the customer site. Sold on a per-class basis.
  • Conference classroom training. Instructor-led, delivered in conjunction with a conference, where ISE trains conference attendees. Sold on a per-person basis.
  • Research x Workshop. Custom hacking events paired with onsite instruction, this instructor-led training pairs private security research on your product, and gamifies it in a way to foster collaboration amongst your internal teams, while delivering both fun and vulnerability findings. Sold on a per-event basis.
Courses are either standardized or custom, and are calibrated to different audiences:
  • Software developer training. Intended for those building products, this training helps developers build security into design and maintain resiliency against attack over time, even as the product continues to evolve and iterate.
  • Security professional training. Taught by seasoned researchers, this training helps security professionals advance their skills in order to better support their corporate mission or personal interest.
  • Executive training. Translating highly technical security concepts into actionable guidance for both technical and non-technical leaders, this training enables executives to make better business decisions.

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