Cloud Security & Cloud Infrastructure Assessment Services

You are deploying an application in the cloud and you need to do it securely. But you have concerns: You're entrusting some other company with your most valuable digital assets.

How do you know you set it up right?
How do you know they are secure?
How do you know you are secure?

Protect Your Systems with a Cloud Security Assessment

Yes, the cloud provides tremendous security benefits. However, you’re not completely off the hook.

The security of your app is on you.

Cloud security requires a shared responsibility model: The cloud platforms deliver certain elements of your security posture, but it’s all meaningless if you fail to build securely on top of it. You absolutely must secure your cloud app.

Unlike what many tool-based approaches might imply, you can’t scan your way to good security. You need to go deeper.

The way we approach helping you secure your cloud app is by our team acting as security engineers, guiding you to make the best decisions. We help you secure your app and its deployment through an intensive cloud security assessment process:

  • Define goals & objectives
  • Establish threat model
  • Learn the app, and the business around it
  • Run automated scan tools
  • Look for known vulnerabilities
  • Perform manual assessment
  • Identify and undermine developer assumptions
  • Daisy chain vulnerabilities
  • Find unknown vulnerabilities and custom exploits
  • Report the findings back to you
  • Work with you to implement and verify mitigations

If you do cloud security right, you can achieve great things:

  • Build a better, more secure product.
  • Earn trust from your customers.
  • Use security to support your sales mission.

Is Your Cloud-Based Application Set Up Correctly?

When it comes to securing your cloud-based application, configuration matters! Our configuration assessment will reveal if your system was set up correctly, so that you’re not left guessing. We help you quickly and easily identify the way you’ve set up your cloud infrastructure:

  1. Set up. You give us the credentials. We verify the configuration is done properly. If not, we work with you to get it done right.
  2. Review the results. We manually verify select issues.
  3. Clean up the results. We manually adjust the machine output, because tools sometimes improperly categorize issues. We do this so you can take the right action.
  4. Prepare a report. We input the sanitized results into a digestible report format that makes it easy for you to understand and take action.
  5. Make generalized recommendations. A configuration assessment is just that: an assessment of the configuration. So these will not be as in depth as what you’d get from a secure design analysis (more on that below), as that looks at a deeper level of how the application is deployed in the cloud. But the recommendations we make will be far better than the output of the tool alone.
  6. Review the report and results with you. We advise you on what to do next. You will walk away with clarity and an action plan.

We Ensure the Cloud Platform Is Secure

You’re probably not investing in data centers to the same degree that Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and their peers are, so you want to capitalize on their investments. But they’re probably not going to let you assess their platforms for security. So how do you know that the cloud platform is truly secure?

That’s where we come in:

  1. We’ve spent years working with the cloud platform providers to improve their security.
  2. We’ve helped them produce hardening guides so you know how to set their services up securely.
  3. We are security experts who also happen to hold certifications for cloud platforms, such as SysOps Administrator, Cloud Practitioner, Solutions Architect, and more.

You don’t just want an expert in cloud…

You want a security expert who is also an expert in cloud.

With us, you’re in good hands. We’ll make sure you can successfully capture the security benefits that cloud platforms deliver.

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