Reverse Engineering and Exploit Development

At its core, “hacking” is figuring out how something works so you can make it work differently. That comes in (at least) three forms:

  1. Figure out how your technology is broken, in order to fix it
  2. Figure out how someone else’s technology works, so you can integrate with it
  3. Figure out how to be malicious, break someone’s technology, and exploit it

However, there’s a super high barrier to entry to do this right:

  • Most companies lack the ability to do this in-house
  • Building out your own team is expensive
  • People with the right skills are rare

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Without Reverse Engineering,
the True Attack Surfaces are Less Understood

The more obfuscated the code is, the more often it’s true that the code in question is rich in vulnerabilities.

You can use our expertise to examine your environment and develop exploits for your red teams to test your blue team's or company's defenses.

You won’t understand the true impact of vulnerabilities in your environment unless you can measure impact. Our teams work with you to understand exploits, their impact, and what to do about them.

Exploit Development Services Are Rare
…And There’s a Reason Why

Not only is talent scarce, but this is specialized work that requires specialized tools and techniques.

You need a team of computer scientists, reverse engineers, and ethical hackers. The intersection of those disciplines is where you receive advanced reverse engineering. That’s exactly what you get when you hire us for an exploit development engagement.

ISE methodology for reverse engineering and custom exploit development includes:

  • Discover functionality, in order to determine how to undermine it
  • Use targeted fuzzing to identify behavior which can be abused
  • Reverse engineer proprietary protocols
  • Find vulnerabilities
  • Build attack chains for exploits
  • Provide exploit proof of concepts or packaged exploit modules


  • Secure boot loader bypasses
  • Privilege escalation
  • Secrets or forensics discovery
  • Breaking DRM
  • Protocol level exploits
  • Advanced functionally abuse

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“ISE is dedicated to ensuring security”

Get The Service You Need, Not a Product You Don't

Not many companies offer exploit development services. Unfortunately, many of those who do offer such services require you to license a product from them after the service is complete.

That's not right. We'll never do that to you.

With ISE, you get your problems solved, and that's it. There's no strings attached forcing you to license a product you don't want or need.

Inquire about exploit development services

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From newly funded startups to Fortune 10 enterprises, we’ve helped companies of many varieties overcome these same security challenges. We’ve published security research on solutions across a range of systems, including cars, phones, IoT, password managers, medical devices, blockchain, AI, AR, and more. You need a partner who can help you find and fix your vulnerabilities. Who can help you get better.

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