Secure Software Development

Software development is hard enough as it is. On top of that, you struggle to do the security part.

Your developers are great at what they do, but have a lot on their plate. Why make them worry about one more thing, especially when that one thing is as hard and specialized as security?

When you outsource your security architecture to ISE, you get elite security expertise. You take the burden off your developers. You get security right. You make your life easier.

To answer that, let's decipher your goal.

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Concerned About Security Vulnerabilities
for an Upcoming Application Project?

Once you find security vulnerabilities, you need to fix them. However, when you postpone security, it costs you.

Research shows that it's 25 times more effort to fix a design issue that's discovered after deployment. That’s pure waste.

However, because security is hard and it’s often seen as yet another engineering exercise, it gets postponed. When you postpone, you sign up for a lot more work later. We help you avoid that postponed work by making the right security decisions in the development process itself.

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Furthermore, once your developers research a solution to the security challenge they’re facing, they're unsure it is even the right way to solve it. Integrating us into the process turns that uncertainty into certainty. You’ll know that you’re solving your security problems correctly and efficiently.

Most developers aren't experts in security. And that’s ok. However, they might not reveal it or they might not realize it. Or maybe they want to just figure it out on their own. None of those are inherently bad things, but they all mean that you’ll likely be dealing with security issues without knowing it. Instead, bake us into your development process and we’ll transfer knowledge to your developers. We’ll ensure the security concerns are properly addressed.

Best of all: Full-time security architects are expensive, but you can optimize your spending by outsourcing to us. You’ll spend less than a full-time architect, yet save enormous security headaches later.

This type of engagement also assesses the development of the product to help teams find the technical areas where more security expertise is needed. We can identify security risks and provide guidance in the design and development process to help you build a more secure product. This reduces the hours and financial resources that would be dedicated to address post-deployment scenarios like incident response or large-scale refactoring.

Outsource your security decisions to us. It makes your life easier. It saves effort. It avoids costs later.

Don’t Leave Your Application Susceptible:
We Apply the Best Secure Coding Practices

Here’s how we help you build securely:

  1. Architecture Review. We review your architecture, and examine attack surfaces. We evaluate possible risks. We make recommendations for standards, third-party components, logging, and more.
  2. Code Analysis. We verify that sensitive information - such as passwords, keys, PII, and private keys - is not checked directly into code files.
  3. Security Analysis. We analyze source code for authentication flaws and authorization flaws. We check that authorization assertions are being applied properly. We ensure secure coding best practices are followed, such as input validation, output encoding, access control, session management, and more.
  4. Product Assessments. We confirm proper configuration of the environment (whether that's production, quality assurance, or user acceptance testing). We assess the security posture of the environment.
  5. Collaboration. We attend your team meetings when appropriate, such as sprint planning meetings, scrums, code reviews, design reviews, demonstrations, and more.
  6. Updates. We provide regular updates (typically monthly, but that is flexible depending on your needs). These updates address project status, roadmap, challenges, risks, lessons learned, and more.

“ISE is dedicated to ensuring security”

We Provide Security and Reassurance

We are ethical hackers and we know how to break systems. That expertise gets baked into the advice and consulting we give you and your development teams on how to secure systems.

We alleviate uncertainty for your development teams on security choices. What are the best practices? What is the most up to date information? These questions can be answered by our team while considering your needs and your thread model. Don’t waste your time testing every option out there. Get the answer you need now. This saves you from headaches, rework, and grief later.

By building security into the design, you save effort and time.

Our consultants will collaborate with you, we’ll help you solve your problem, we’ll make you better. There's a stereotype that security consultants can be smug and embarrass you. That's not us. We’re honest, thorough, and driven by the ethos to make you better.

Proven Security Experts

You need to understand how attackers think. How they operate. How they’ll break your system.

We know how you feel.

From newly funded startups to Fortune 10 enterprises, we’ve helped companies of many varieties overcome these same security challenges. We’ve published security research on solutions across a range of systems, including cars, phones, IoT, password managers, medical devices, blockchain, AI, AR, and more. You need a partner who can help you find and fix your vulnerabilities. Who can help you get better.

You’re in the right place.

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Whether you need testing, consulting, or simply some advice: we're here to help.